Looking for a new backpack? Check out our list of the best backpacks for everyday carry!

We’ve compiled a list of the best backpacks for everyday carry based on our own personal experience and reviews from other shoppers. Whether you’re looking for a small backpack or one that can hold all your gear, we’ve got you covered.

A good backpack is an essential part of any wardrobe. It can make your commute easier or help you travel light when you’re on the go. No matter your needs, we’ve got the perfect backpack for you.

Check out our list of the best backpacks for everyday carry and find the perfect one for your lifestyle!

How We Search For The Best Choice

We've been looking for the best backpack for everyday carry for years. We've reviewed dozens of different bags, from cheap ones to high-end backpacks that cost hundreds of dollars.

We've done a lot of research, too. We have read thousands of reviews, watched videos, and talked to other people about their backpacks. Some of the factors we considered when picking our five top choices are:


The backpack's material is important because it determines how durable and long-lasting your bag will be. For example, nylon is a popular choice for everyday carry backpacks because of its lightweight and durability.

It’s also resistant to water, so you can use it in rainy weather without worrying about getting wet. Nylon backpacks are also available in different colors and designs, making them one of the most popular options for EDC bags.


Another important factor we considered was durability. After all, if you want a bag that will last long enough to make it worth buying, you need to find one made from quality materials that have been tested over time.

The best way to do this is by finding reputable brands that have been around for years and have a reputation for producing quality products. However, there are other ways to determine whether or not a brand makes durable products – one being reading customer reviews on sites like Amazon or eBay.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a backpack is the size of the bag. While some of us might be tempted to get a larger bag, this can be counterproductive in the long run as it can be difficult to carry around all day.

In general, we recommend 15-20 liters for tactical EDC backpack. This will give you enough space for your laptop and other essentials while still being small enough not to slow you down.


When it comes to choosing a backpack, you want to make sure that it’s not only durable but also affordable. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that won't last very long.

That’s why we searched for backpacks under $100. We wanted to ensure our readers could find something that would meet their needs without breaking the bank.

Our Top Picks

Out of all the different backpacks we looked at, the following five are our top choices:

Best Choice For Laptop Backpack

Matein Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

The Matein Laptop Backpack is a great choice for students and travelers who are looking for a durable, long-lasting, and reliable laptop bag. The backpack is water resistant so you can use it during the rainy season. It has many pockets, including a fleece-lined laptop sleeve that can hold your laptop and books.

The backpack has an adjustable shoulder strap and padded back panel, making it comfortable to wear for hours. The shoulder straps have a quick adjustment system that allows you to adjust them without taking off the backpack.

It also has a USB charging port outside the main compartment to charge your phone while on the go!

Things That Are Good To Know

The Matein Laptop Backpack is a comfortable, spacious laptop backpack that can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop. The backpack has a large main compartment with a padded interior to protect your device and an organizer compartment to keep your accessories. The backpack also has several smaller pockets for pens, keys, cell phones, etc.

The backpack has a padded back design to provide comfort while carrying it around, whether you're using it as a school backpack or travel bag. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap which allows you to adjust the length according to your preference so you can carry it on your back or over one shoulder.

The Matein Laptop Backpack is made of high-quality polyester material that is water-resistant and sturdy enough for everyday use. It's also easy to clean because you can simply wipe off any dirt and stains from the fabric surface with a damp cloth or sponge.

Best Choice For Women’s Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Chelsea 15" Laptop Bag

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

Get ready to take on the world with this Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag. The stylish design and durable construction make it a must-have accessory for students and professionals alike. This computer book bag has plenty of space to store all your essentials.

You can also store your tablet in the designated tablet case that comes with this bag. This laptop backpack is made from durable polyester material that can withstand daily use for years to come. The fabric is also easy to clean when necessary.

The polyester material used in this bag is also resistant to water damage, so you don't have to worry about spills or rain damaging your valuables inside the bag. Accidental spills are no match for this computer backpack!

Things That Are Good To Know

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Bag is a multipurpose bag that can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, and backpack. The fabric is made from a polyester and nylon blend, making it durable, breathable, and comfortable.

The bag has ample storage space with pockets inside and out. It has adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry it as a shoulder bag or backpack. The top grab handle makes it easy to carry the bag around town.

There is plenty of storage space inside its spacious interior and an exterior pocket where you can keep your keys or other small items that need quick access during the day.

With all these features combined with the fashionable design and high-quality materials used to make the bag, this is one accessory that will see plenty of use on any adventure!

Best Choice For Men’s Leather Backpack

GEARONIC 21L Vintage Canvas Backpack Leather Rucksack

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

Gearonic Vintage Canvas Backpack is a lightweight and durable backpack made of high-grade canvas. It has a spacious compartment, it can hold a 15-inch laptop, books, and other daily necessities. The bag has a leather handle on the top and adjustable shoulder straps for easy wearing.

The backpack has multiple pockets to store your keys, wallet, phone, or other essentials. It also has an outside pocket where you can put your water bottle or umbrella. It is perfect for school, college, or work. You can carry it around comfortably with its adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel for extra comfort.

Things That Are Good To Know

It has a spacious main compartment that can carry books, laptops, and other items.

The main compartment also has an internal laptop sleeve that can be used to store your 15-inch laptop. The padded shoulder straps will ensure that the bag is comfortable when you are carrying it around.

The GEARONIC Vintage Canvas Backpack also comes with multiple pockets that have been designed to hold smaller items such as keys, phones, or wallets.

Best Choice For A Slim Backpack

MANCIO Slim Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

The MANCIO Slim Laptop Backpack is a vintage casual backpack for travel, college, school, and work. This backpack has a multi-pocket design which allows you to bid farewell to disarray. The padded adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable to ease the pressure on the shoulder.

This backpack is made from high-quality quilted polyester linear, simple, classic vintage material that is lightweight and tear-resistant. It has multiple pockets inside and out for easy access.

It can fit up to a 15.6" laptop and other items such as books, tablets, umbrellas, clothes, etc. The back panel has a breathable mesh fabric that keeps your back dry and comfortable during outdoor activities. The front pocket is suitable for mobile phones, keys, passports, etc. The main compartment can hold your laptop, documents, and other daily necessities.

Things That Are Good To Know

It is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a high-quality backpack. It's a practical choice for both men and women. The Mancio Slim Laptop Backpack has enough space to store all your belongings and keep them safe.

The bag has been designed to hold up to a 15.6" laptop so that you can use it as a laptop bag or a school bag. The main compartment of this backpack features an air mesh padded laptop compartment that protects your laptop from impact damage.

The front pocket is large enough to store your phone and other important items, such as keys and wallets. If you need extra storage space, there are two side pockets with zippers where you can put small items like pens or even water bottles.

Best Choice For School

ProEtrade Backpack Bookbag for School College Student

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

The ProEtrade Backpack is a durable and sturdy backpack that’s perfect for school, college, and traveling. It’s made of high-quality material, which makes it tear-resistant and scratch-free. The backpack has an anti-scratch fabric with a durable zipper design. The zipper is very sturdy and does not get damaged easily.

It has a lot of pockets that help you keep your stuff organized while carrying them around with you. There are also side mesh pockets on both sides of the bag that can hold water bottles or other things like umbrellas etc., without making them visible from outside of your bag. This backpack is a must-have if you want to easily carry all your important things!

Things That Are Good To Know

ProEtrade backpacks are made from a nylon material to ensure their durability. The bag is made of a large capacity and has a multi-compartment design. It's suitable for many occasions, such as school, travel, hiking, camping, and more!

The bag is designed with an ergonomic design and an airflow system that will make your journey more comfortable. It has a main compartment that can be used to store clothes and other items. Other compartments include a padded laptop pocket and front and side pockets for easy access.

The adjustable chest strap helps distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders so that it feels comfortable when you carry it around all day. You can store your mobile phone, wallet, or keys in the front zipper pocket so that these things are always within reach when you need them the most

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Best Backpack For Everyday Carry FAQs

What are the best backpacks for everyday carry?

Everyday carry, or EDC, is a term used to describe the items we carry daily. This might include a laptop, charger, phone, sunglasses, and wallet. But what about when you need to take your essentials with you on a trip? A backpack is a perfect solution!

We have found and answered the most common questions about backpacks for everyday carry. In this FAQ section, you will find information about choosing the right backpack size, finding the right backpack style, and how to pack your backpack for travel.

What is the best everyday backpack?

The best backpack for everyday carry (EDC) is the one that can carry your everyday carry gear but also fits your needs. A great EDC backpack should be comfortable, durable enough to withstand wear and tear, and versatile enough to carry everything you need daily.

You'll want plenty of space if you're an active person who needs a bag to carry around everything from water bottles to books, laptop computers, and more. If you're an office worker who just needs an extra pocket or two so you can store some paperwork or a laptop charger, then something smaller will do just fine.

What are the features of good EDC backpacks?

Here are some of the most common features:

Comfortable fit
A good backpack will feel like an extension of your body so you can go about your day without a care in the world. It should fit snugly but not too tight or loose, so getting the right size is important. The straps should also be adjustable to fit your body type perfectly.

Suspension system
Backpacks have a suspension system to help evenly distribute weight across the back and shoulders, reducing strain and fatigue over time. This usually takes the form of padded shoulder straps and a hip belt that distributes weight on both sides of the body instead of just one side, as traditional bags do.

Your backpack should be able to handle the wear and tear of everyday use. The best EDC backpacks are made from high-quality materials lasting for years without showing signs of wear or tear.

You don't want to carry a heavy backpack all day long if it's uncomfortable to wear. You'll want to make sure you choose one with padded straps and plenty of support so that it doesn't dig into your shoulders or cause other aches and pains later on down the road.

What are the benefits of carrying an EDC backpack?

The benefits of carrying an EDC pack are many. A good backpack will have a padded laptop sleeve to protect your device and plenty of other pockets and compartments to store all of your gear. 

It's also important that the backpack is made from durable materials and has a strong frame to withstand everyday use's wear and tear.

A good EDC backpack can help you stay organized and keep your essential gear within easy reach. It's perfect for commuters, students, or anyone who needs to be prepared for anything life might throw their way.

How do I pack my backpack for everyday carry?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to pack your backpack for everyday carry will vary depending on your use. However, here are a few tips on how to pack your backpack for every day carry:

1. Start by packing the heaviest items closest to your back. This will help keep the backpack's weight evenly distributed and make it easier to carry.

2. Make sure that everything is tightly packed and that there is no extra room in the backpack. This will help keep everything in place and prevent things from moving around while carrying it.

3. Pack essential items at the top of the backpack, so they're easy to reach. This includes things like your phone, wallet, and keys.

4. If you're carrying a laptop or other electronics, make sure to pack them in a padded case to protect them from bumps and drops.

5. Use the backpack's organizational pockets to keep small items like pens and notebooks organized and easy to find.

6. Finally, make sure to adjust the straps so that the backpack fits snugly against your back. This will help distribute the weight evenly and make it more comfortable to carry.

What are some tips for using a backpack for everyday carry?

Here are a few tips that will help you use your backpack for every day carry:

Choose a large backpack for carrying heavy items like books, laptops, and other electronics. You can also store smaller items in your backpack's front or back pockets. These pockets should be big enough to hold several small items at once but not so big that they become bulky and weigh down your bag too much.

Use compression straps to keep everything snug inside your bag without moving around too much while walking around town or hiking up a mountain trail. This will help prevent things from falling out when you're not looking!

If you don't have compression straps on your bag already (or if you want extra ones), check out our helpful article on how to add them to any camera bag or backpack!

Consider also buying a backpack with dual water bottle pockets if you spend much time walking outside in warm weather.

How do I care for my backpack for everyday carry?

The best way to care for your backpack is to make sure you keep it clean. This will protect the fabric and help prevent any stains from settling into the fabric.

Wash your bag with warm water and a gentle soap or detergent designed for delicates. Use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe down all areas that might be dirty. Use this same method on the zippers, as well.

You can also clean your bag by wiping down the straps with a damp cloth or sponge and using a mild soap if necessary. To protect your peak design everyday backpack from rain or snow, you'll want to cover it with a waterproof cover specifically designed for backpacks. These covers are lightweight and easy to put on and take off when necessary.

What Is The Best Backpack For Everyday Carry For You?

If you want a backpack for a specific purpose, such as work, school, or photography, compiling a list of the best available options is easy. But if you're looking for a pack that can help you in everyday life, that's a little tougher. There are plenty of great packs out there, but this article is instead meant to help you pick one based on your personal needs and preferences.

We hope that our recommendations have helped. Remember, these are just recommendations—if you feel that we missed a good bag or have a different take on any of our selections, please feel free to comment below and share your opinion. As with all gear recommendations, choosing one that works well for you is the most important point.

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