Touring all day on your bike can be exhausting, especially if you try to find a comfortable place to sit down at night. Should you take a seat in your tent or on the hard earth? The options are not great, and you're tired.

The best backpacking or comfortable chair will help you out when you need it the most. Investing in a good chair that is durable, comfortable, and reliable chair can improve your camping experience.

If you enjoy hiking, the outdoors, and camping, then you may find yourself in the market for an ultralight backpacking chair. In your quest to find your favorite backpacking chair, you will come across a variety of different models.

However, don't simply buy the first one that catches your eye. Instead, take time to read reviews and ensure they are best suited to your needs.

When backpacking through the wilderness, you don’t want to bring anything that won’t add value to your trip.

This includes adding as much weight as possible to your pack. This article will highlight what we consider the best compact backpacking chair for car camping and backpacking.

How We Search For The Best Choice

When it comes to a lightweight backpacking chair, there are a lot of different factors that go into choosing one. To help you out, we've read thousands of reviews to filter out our top 5 choices presented in this article.

The most important thing is comfort; then comes size, weight, durability, and stability. We’ve outlined all these considerations below and some other factors to keep in mind as you shop for the best backpacking chair.


The most important thing when buying a good backpacking chair is comfort. You want something that will support your lower body without causing strain or discomfort.

Even if you’re not planning on spending much time sitting in a chair, it’s still important that it feels good on your back and legs so you can get through long hikes without pain or fatigue setting in too quickly.


This is another important consideration when choosing the best backpacking chair for you. Do you have a small vehicle, or do you plan on hiking into remote areas where there may not be enough room for something large?

If so, consider a smaller option like an ultralight camp chair or backpacking stool that folds down into its own carrying bag.


Your lightest chair needs to be able to withstand some rough use while camping or hiking through rough terrain. Some people use their all the chairs on their front porches at home too! If possible, you want something that will last for years because they aren’t cheap!


The next thing we look at is the material. It may seem obvious, but not all materials are created equal. Some materials can be more durable and more lightweight than others, so it's important to consider which material will suit your needs best.


Next, we look at the features of each product. This includes things like how easy it is to set up and take down, whether or not it has a rainfly or canopy attached (if applicable), and whether or not it comes with a carrying bag or storage bag.

Price Range

Price range is another major factor when deciding on which backpack chair to buy. The price range varies greatly depending on what type of chair you want (folding or non-folding), its material construction, and whether or not it comes with additional features such as cup holders or storage compartments inside the seat.

Our Top Five-Star Choice

Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

The Helinox Chair Zero is an ultralight, compact camping chair that's ideal for backpacking, hiking, or travel. Made of highly durable aluminum and weighing just over one lb, this chair packs down small to fit inside your backpack.

The chair features a solid pattern on the seat and back for maximum comfort and support. The wide, contoured armrests have a soft touch finish for comfort and durability.

The Helinox Chair Zero also has a built-in footrest that can be easily folded from underneath the seat when not used. The Helinox Chair Zero comes with its own mesh carrying bag, so it's easy to transport wherever you want to go!

Things That Are Good To Know

The Helinox Chair Zero is a lightweight, durable folding chair that can be taken anywhere. The frame is constructed from advanced DAC aluminum alloy, which provides maximum strength and holds up to 265 pounds.

The seat and carry sack are constructed from durable, lightweight polyester that resists harsh weather and UV rays, which provides maximum strength while reducing weight.

The Helinox Chair Zero features a flexible nylon strap system with aluminum buckles for adjusting the seat height and backrest angle. The chair's legs fold up and lock into place for easy transport and storage.

The Helinox Chair Zero is an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor enthusiast. It's perfect for picnics, concerts, boating or fishing trips, and other activities where you're off the ground but still need comfortable seating.

Fun Story From A Product User

A happy buyer wrote:

"I've used this product for over a year, and I'm still impressed with it. It's super light but sturdy enough to withstand the elements and even my kids. This chair is perfect for backpacking, camping, and travel. I've taken it on several trips, and it's been great.

The only thing that has happened is that I've had to replace the seat pad because it got torn up after a few uses. Overall though, I think this is one of those products that you'll use for years to come and then pass down to your kids!"

Easiest To Set Up

Cliq Camping Chair - Most Funded Portable Chair in Crowdfunding History.

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

The Cliq Chair is the world's most portable and compact chair. It sets up in 5 seconds, is lightweight, and folds down to fit in your pocket. The Cliq Chair is a life-changing product that has been working on for the last two years.

The company designed the Cliq Chair to be as lightweight as possible so you can take it anywhere with you. It weighs less than 1lb but can support up to 300lbs (136kg) using aircraft-grade aluminum, making it incredibly strong and light enough for anyone to carry around easily.

Things That Are Good To Know

The Cliq comfortable Camping Chair is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures. This is an essential piece of equipment you need to have a great time camping, hiking, or traveling. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and ripstop nylon, making it durable and comfortable.

The Cliq Camping Chair folds up into almost the size of your drink bottle, so it can easily fit into any backpack or bag when not in use. When you are ready to sit down, just unfold the chair and adjust it to your desired seat height. Once you are done relaxing, fold it back up and put it away until next time!

Fun Story From A Product User

A satisfied customer said:

"I've used this product for years, and it has been a reliable solution for me to get a comfortable way to rest my legs while camping. The chair is easy to set up and take down, which makes it convenient for packing.

It’s also fairly lightweight, so you shouldn’t have trouble carrying it. The best part about this chair is that it has a built-in pillow, making it more comfortable than most available chairs."

Most Lightweight Choice

Crazy Creek The Chair for Camping, Backpacking & More

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

When you're on the go, you need a comfortable seat. This portable folding stool is made from high-density foam and comes with adjustable straps to keep it secure. It's great for camping, backpacking, and so much more.

The Crazy Creek folds up easily for storage or transportation, making it ideal for those who like to travel light when they go camping or backpacking. The adjustable straps make it easy to set up and take down quickly without hassle! When you're done using this amazing folding stool, simply fold it up again and store it away until next time!

Things That Are Good To Know

The Chair is a lightweight, portable folding chair. Its design is inspired by the traditional Adirondack-style chair. The Chair features a durable construction with a comfortable foam seat and folds flat for convenient storage and portability.

It's made of nylon-coated fabric that has been tested to hold over 250 pounds of weight! The nylon fabric is also water repellent and helps protect against UV rays that could damage your chair if exposed to them for extended periods of time in direct sunlight while sitting outside.

It also features water-resistant fabric that keeps you dry even when sitting in wet grass or mud! This means that whether you're out enjoying nature at its best or relaxing at home after a long day of work, you'll be comfortable no matter where

Fun Story From A Product User

A delighted user wrote:

"I've used this product for several years and love it. It's a great way to sit and relax in the field or on the boat. The chair is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. I always use it when birding at my feeder station, watching birds from my back deck, or just sitting on the patio with a drink in hand.

The chair comes in handy for outdoor sporting events as well. I have used my Crazy Creek chair at baseball games and have even taken it to football games where there are no bleachers available but plenty of room around the 50-yard line to sit on the ground (and enjoy a cold beer)."

Best Portable Stool

Fishboy Portable Retractable Folding Stool, Collapsible Telescoping Foldable Camping Stool

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

Fishboy Portable Folding Stool is a collapsible stool that can be easily carried anywhere. This portable folding stool has a telescoping design and can be adjusted to multiple heights.

It also features a non-slip footrest for extra comfort. This folding stool can be a great addition to your home and office, especially when you want to sit down for a while or relax after working hours.

This folding stool has an ergonomic design and will give you the comfort and support needed to keep you going throughout the day. It's lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold up to 400 lbs. It is a foldable backpacking chair, this uniquely designed chair will allow you to store it away easily when not in use and bring it out again whenever needed.

Things That Are Good To Know

Fishboy Portable Folding Stool is a self-open stool that can be used to sit down or stand up. It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable. The stool is adjustable freely from 2.5 inches to 17.7 inches, so it can be used by children or adults.

Fishing is a hobby that many people love to do, but sitting on the ground for long periods of time can cause pain in their legs and back; the Fishboy Portable Folding Stool can help relieve this issue!

The stool has a 10" diameter and 2.56" height, allowing it to be easily carried around by anyone! It also comes with a free carry bag, so you don't have to worry about losing your new stool when fishing around the lake!

Fun Story From A Product User

A satisfied buyer said:

"I've used this product on several fishing trips this summer and have been very impressed with both the durability and functionality. The stool is lightweight at only 2.5lbs, but it also feels sturdy when sitting down. I've used it both inside my house and outside on my deck, and it seems to be able to handle both environments equally well.

The rubber feet keep the stool from slipping around on smooth surfaces like tile or linoleum floors, but they also don't damage wood floors or decking when you set them down either."

Best Budget-Friendly Choice

MOON LENCE Backpacking Chair Outdoor Camping Chair

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Why It’s A Five-Star Choice

Moon Lence Backpacking Chair has the perfect balance of being lightweight, compact, and big enough to be comfortable. It's ideal for camping, backpacking, and hiking but also works great in the backyard or on the beach. It is also the best budget camping chair.

The seat also has two side pockets where you can store small items like keys or wallets while sitting in your chair during an outdoor adventure or event. The chair is made of a high-quality nylon material, which makes it very durable and sturdy. The material also provides extra comfort on your back, legs, and arms.

The Moon Lence lightweight Backpacking Chairs are easy to carry and set up. The chair folds up easily with one hand and fits into its own carry sleeping bag that you can store in your backpack or daypack until you need it again.

Things That Are Good To Know

The MOON LENCE Backpacking Chair is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, or just relaxing at home by your pool or patio. A portable and lightweight chair for camping, hiking, and traveling.

It is compact and easy to carry. The chair is made of a high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy frame with 900D Oxford cloth, which is very durable and sturdy. The seat net is breathable and soft for comfortable sitting.

With the built-in carrying bag on the back, the chair can be folded into a small size for convenient carrying. The breathable mesh makes it very comfortable to sit in for a while and keeps you cool during hot days. This super lightweight chair only weighs 2 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around without having too much extra weight in your backpack.

Fun Story From A Product User

A delighted customer said:

"I've used this product for a few years now, and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've taken this chair on many backpacking trips, and it's always stood up to the challenge. It's extremely lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable.

I've used this product, and I was very impressed with it. It's a great chair for anyone who loves to hike, camp or just relax outside. I love how easy it is to fold up and take with me wherever I go. The chair is also really comfortable, making it perfect for long days in the sun or even just sitting at home on your patio enjoying the weather!"

What to Look for When Buying a Backpacking Chair
Find out what features to consider when choosing a backpacking chair, and check out our top picks for the best ones on the market. Don’t let discomfort ruin your adventure – read on for more information.

Best Backpacking Chair FAQ

If you’re like us, then you love to go on adventures. Whether backpacking, hiking, or camping, we love to get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

But even though we love getting out there, we also need some comfort while we’re out there too. That is why we have come up with a list of the best backpacking chairs that are perfect for any adventure! Here are some frequently asked questions about these chairs:

What are the different types of backpacking chairs?

There are many different types of ultralight backpacking chairs. When you're choosing a chair for backpacking, it's important to consider what type of chair will be best for your needs.

Dining Chair
This style of chair is designed to fit around a dining table. They have four legs and sometimes armrests. Dining chairs can be high or low-backed, depending on your preference. These are some of the most common types of chairs found in homes and restaurants, so they're easy to find if you need to replace one at home or take it with you on an outdoor adventure.

Folding Camp Chairs
Folding lightweight camping chair come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them great for any occasion or setting. They're also very lightweight and easy to carry around without weighing you down on long hikes.

Camping Chair
These portable chairs fold up for easy transport and can be used for sitting around campfires or other activities where a more permanent seat isn't necessary. Camping chairs often have cup holders built into them so beverages can be kept close by without spilling on the ground or getting lost in the dirt!

Expedition Chairs
These are larger than camping chairs but still lightweight enough to carry along with other gear on longer trips where comfort is important while eating meals prepared over an open fire or freshly caught fish cooked over coals! You'll also find expedition chairs that feature canopy tops that provide shade from the sun's rays

Is an inflatable sleeping pad or a sitting pad best for camping?

If you plan to go camping and enjoy the experience, you need to get a good quality sleeping pad or sitting pad. A quality sleeping pad is very important to make your camping experience comfortable.

The most common mistake people make when they go camping is that they bring a normal mattress with them, which is not appropriate for camping as it will be very difficult for them to carry it and also it will be difficult for them to use it in their tent.

You can go for an inflatable sleep pad or sit pad, as they are easier to carry and use. You can easily fold them and carry them in your backpack when going on your next trip.

Regarding comfort level, these types of pads also offer high levels of comfort compared to other types of mats available in the market today. When you use these types of pads, then there are fewer chances that you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping on them during your camping trip.

How do you choose the right backpacking chair for you?

Choosing the right backpacking chair for you is an important decision. It needs to be comfortable, lightweight, and strong enough to take on the trails with you. Here are some tips to help you pick the right chair for your next adventure.

The Basics:
When picking out a backpacking chair, the first thing to consider is what type of terrain you will travel through. If it's rocky or gnarly, you'll want a seat that can handle that kind of abuse. If you're going through sandy beaches or wooded areas, a more flexible seat may be better suited for your needs.

It goes without saying that comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing any piece of gear for camping or hiking. You want something that will keep you from getting sore after sitting on it for several hours at a time.

Padded Backpacking chairs:
The most comfortable backpacking chairs are those with padding on both sides of the seat and armrests, if applicable. Also, ensure plenty of room between your legs and body so you can stretch out comfortably while sitting in them!

What are the benefits of using a backpacking chair?

Backpacking chairs are great for those who love to spend time in nature but also want to be comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of using a backpacking chair:

  • Backpacking chairs are lightweight and foldable, so you can easily carry them with you anywhere you go.
  • They are also durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking them when you're on your outdoor adventures.
  • They come in different colors and designs, so there's something for everyone!
  • Backpacking chairs are usually very affordable, so they won't break the bank while still giving you great value for money.

How much weight do backpacking chairs add to your pack?

If you're planning on backpacking, you'll want to avoid adding extra weight to your pack. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a comfortable chair while camping or hiking.

The average backpacking chair weighs between 1 and 4 pounds. This means it won't add much weight to your pack — whether carrying it for a few miles or days on end.

But what about the size of the chair? If you have limited space in your backpack, a large chair may not be an option for you. However, many lightweight options fold into a compact size that easily fits inside your backpack without taking up too much room.

Are the best backpacking chairs worth the extra weight?

Backpacking chairs are a great luxury to have on your next outdoor adventure. You can bring them along on your next camping or hiking trip or even use them as a chair at home. They're great for those who spend time outdoors but have some downsides.

Backpacking chairs are worth the extra weight if you need to sit down while enjoying nature. They're also useful if you want to enjoy a meal outside without getting up and down all the time. However, they aren't very useful if you're just trying to relax or meditate while sitting on the ground or grass.

How do you clean and store camping chairs?

Backpacking chairs are great for camping, but they can be a bit of a pain to pack up and clean. Here are some tips on cleaning your backpacking chair and ensuring it's ready for the next trip.

Clean your backpack chair with warm water and mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and let air dry completely before storing away.

Store your backpack chair in a cool, dry place that won't get damaged or dusty. If possible, store your backpack chair in its own bag or case so that dirt doesn't get all over it while you're storing it away.

What's the difference between helinox chair and rei flexlite air chair?

The Helinox Chair One and the REI Flexlite Air Chair are two very similar products. The Helinox Chair One is a little lighter but is also more expensive. The two chairs have been compared in a head-to-head test by Outside Online, and they both received high marks for comfort, ease of setup, and portability.

The biggest difference between these two backpacking chairs is that the Helinox Chair One has a built-in pouch for storing items like keys or wallets. It also includes a footrest that can be attached to the chair's legs when you're not using them to avoid getting dirt on your shoes or feet.

The REI Flexlite Air Chair has no built-in storage pouch, but it includes four pockets on its arms that are great for storing gear such as phones and snacks while sitting down and enjoying the outdoors.

What Are The Best Backpacking Chair For You?

If you are looking for the best backpacking chair in your price range, we hope you will find our top picks helpful. We've covered the best camping chairs for weight, space, comfort, and more.

The chair you choose will depend on what you're willing to sacrifice to have the best chair for hiking and backpacking. There are choices for every type of hiker, but you have to decide what your needs are.

Camping Chairs vs. Beach Chairs: Which is Better for Your Beach Day?
When it comes to beach seating, should you bring a camping chair or a traditional beach chair? While both types of chairs have their pros and cons, choosing the right one can make or break your day at the beach. Read on to learn which type of chair is best for your next beach day.
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