A double sleeping bag provides the perfect spot for couples to snuggle up and sleep comfortably. If you are looking for the ultimate romantic camping experience, a double sleeping bag is an essential item. These bags allow two people to sleep in one large shared space, keeping both individuals warm throughout the night.

Double sleeping bags come in various styles and materials, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your camping trip. Most double sleeping bags are made from durable fabrics such as nylon or polyester, making them waterproof and breathable.

They also feature synthetic insulation to keep warm air trapped inside the bag, so it stays comfortable even in cold temperatures. Additionally, many double sleeping bags feature a hood or drawstring closure to provide extra protection from the elements.

With unique features like two-way zippers, adjustable shoulder straps, and warm flannel linings, double sleeping bags make it easy to get a good night's sleep anywhere you go.

How We Search For The Best Choice

Finding the best sleeping bag for your needs can be challenging. You want something comfortable that will keep you warm, but you also don't want to spend a fortune.

Most people go to the store and buy the first sleeping bag they see. But is that the best option for you? With so many different sleeping bags on the market, it can take time to know which is correct.

We've done all the research for you! We've gone through all the different types of sleeping bags, read thousands of user reviews, and found the best one for every kind of sleeper. Whether you're a cold or a hot sleeper, we have a double sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable all night long.

Our Top Picks

We compared hundreds of different sleeping bags for this article, these are our five top choices:

Our Top Five-Star Choice

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Why It's A Five-Star Choice

Are you looking for a sleeping bag that's perfect for couples? Kelty has the ideal solution – the Tru. Comfort Doublewide 20-Degree Sleeping Bag! This bag is more comprehensive than a queen bed, so you and your partner can sleep comfortably without being cramped. It also has two built-in blankets, so you don't have to worry about bringing extra bedding on your next camping trip.

The Cloud Loft fill provides warmth in three seasons, and it's compressible and quick drying, so you can easily pack it up and take it wherever you go. The dark shadow colorway is exclusive for a limited release, so get yours while supplies last!

Things That Are Good To Know

The sleeping bag is designed with wider-than-a-queen-bed dimensions, so you have plenty of room to sleep or snuggle together in 64 inches of shared shoulder space and 84 inches of total length.

On either side, you'll find independent ventilation, a fully removable zip off the top layer, two built-in blankets, and two-way zip foot vents so everyone can adjust their temperature as they see fit. Lightweight Cloud Loft Fill provides extra warmth between you both, so there's no need to invest in separate bags or blankets — even if things get hot!

Make it a worry-free trip for two with the Kelty Tru. Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag. Soft, cloud loft insulation will keep things comfortable on your camping excursions while ensuring guilt-free storage when it's time to head home. When adventure calls, answer it with style and precision.

Best Comfortable and Cozy Choice

Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag for Camping

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Why It's A Five-Star Choice

Are you tired of being cold at night while camping? We have the perfect solution – a double sleeping bag for camping that will keep you warm and toasty all night long. This sleeping bag is made of 100% cotton flannel and is waterproof, so you'll stay dry even if it rains. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can take it anywhere.

You deserve a good night's sleep while camping; this is the best way to make that happen. Snuggle up with your partner or loved one in this comfortable and soft sleeping bag and got some rest. You won't regret it!

Things That Are Good To Know

Experience a peaceful night's rest with the Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag! Whether you're out camping, backpacking, or biking, this magnificent bag is sure to provide superior comfort and warmth. It features a high-quality 210T polyester shell with a delightfully soft brushed flannel cotton lining and a 3D synthetic fiber fill for maximum insulation. Your nights of tossing and turning in the outdoors are over – this sleeping bag will make you feel like you're snuggling up in your bed at home.

The Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag is incredibly lightweight and compact, engineered significantly to compress tightly for effortless packing. In its compressed form, it won't take up too much space in your luggage, but as soon as it's unfolded in use – poof! – it puffs up beautifully. It conveniently comes with a travel-friendly compression sack with straps for powerful compression so you can easily fit it into tight spaces or extra luggage bags.

Best Double-Use Choice

TETON Sports Celsius Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

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Why It's A Five-Star Choice

Get ready for your next camping trip with the TETON Sports Celsius Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is perfect for car and tent campers alike. It's made of double-layer insulation to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the full-length zippers make it easy to get in and out of the bag without unzipping it.

Thanks to the soft taffeta liner that feels great against your skin, you'll stay comfortable all night long with this sleeping bag. The durable ripstop fabric will last through many camping trips, so you can always count on this sleeping bag when the temperature starts dropping at night.

Things That Are Good To Know

The inside of this sleeping bag has much to offer as well - stay comfortable all night with its ergonomic hood, draft tubes that lock in body heat, and a full-length zipper down the length of the bag that allows you both to move around freely without having to worry about zipping up again!

Plus, each sleeping bag has two side pockets and two storage sacks; stuff it inside one of these bags after every use for hassle-free storage and transport.

Enjoy peace of mind while on your car camping trips with the TETON Sports Celsius Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag - queen-size zero-degree protection against frigid weather conditions! With this powerful combination of coziness, accessibility & portability, you'll be ready for any camping adventure ahead.

Best Choice For Winter

TETON Sports Celsius Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

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Why It's A Five-Star Choice

This queen-sized sleeping bag is perfect for couples or anyone who wants to stay warm while camping. It's made with two layers of insulation and full-length zippers so you can zip it up with another bag for extra warmth.

The green taffeta exterior is stylish and will look great in any camping setting. You'll love the soft flannel interior, which keeps you comfortable all night. And don't worry about packing this bag – it comes with a compression sack that will make it easy to store in your car or tent.

Things That Are Good To Know

The TETON Sports Celsius Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is a must-have for your next camping trip. This double sleeping bag has a durable, water-resistant shell and soft taffeta liner to handle all your adventures. It is equipped with full baffles, a streamlined no-snag zipper, and draft tubes to help keep out the cold; this adult sleeping bag will help keep you warm and dry in extreme temperatures.

It also features a mummy hood that seals in the warmth for optimal comfort. Plus, it's made in the USA or imported, so you can trust its quality and performance. With TETON Sports' lifetime warranty on outdoor camping and hiking gear, you can confidently embark on every journey.

Best Budget-Friendly Choice

Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather

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Why It's A Five-Star Choice

We love the Oaskys double sleeping bag for its high-quality design and materials. Made with a premium 210T anti-tearing polyester fabric for the outer cover and 190T polyester pongee for the lining, this sleeping bag is both waterproof and breathable, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep even in extreme conditions.

The double-filled technology also keeps you warm and prevents dampness. Additionally, the sleeping bag can be used for three seasons, and the weather-resistant design makes it perfect for trekking, hiking, travel, or any other outdoor adventure.

The versatile design can be used as one large queen-size sleeping bag or as two individual sleeping bags, easily untied by a zipper. The sleeping bag is also convenient to carry with its compression sack and straps and is easy to clean.

Furthermore, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a no questions asked money back or replacement policy.

With its high-quality design, materials, and affordable price, the Oaskys double sleeping bag is a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Things That Are Good To Know

This unique 3-season all-weather sleeping bag is made from premium 210T Anti-tearing Polyester fabric and 190T polyester pongee. It can be used as one sizeable queen-sized sleeping bag or two individual bags, giving you 10~20 degrees Celsius warmth in any condition.

But that's not all. This sleeping backpack is unique because its double-filled technology keeps you warm and prevents dampness. In addition, the (190 + 30)cm x 145 cm size makes the backpack incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around without sacrificing comfort.

Whether planning a camping trip, trekking, or exploring the great outdoors, the Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag will ensure a cozy night's sleep wherever your adventure takes you.

Best Double Sleeping Bag FAQ

It's hard to know which double sleeping bag is right for you, especially if you've never bought one. There are so many different types and brands available that it can be challenging to figure out which is best for your needs.

We've researched for you and have compiled the most common questions about double sleeping bags into this FAQ section. Here, you can learn more about the different types of bags available, what factors to consider when choosing a bag, and how to care for your new purchase.

Are double sleeping bags a good idea?

Double sleeping bags can be a good idea to keep warm on winter camping trips. They are also suitable for couples who want to share body heat while they sleep. However, they can be bulky and heavy, so ensure you have enough room in your backpack to carry them.

How do I choose a double sleeping bag?

You'll want to consider a few factors when choosing a double sleeping bag: insulation, weight, and price.

The best type of insulation for a double sleeping bag is down. Down is light and compressible, which makes it a good choice for backpacking. However, it can be expensive. Synthetic insulation is cheaper than down but is heavier and not as compressible.

Another factor to consider is weight. A down sleeping bag will be lighter than a synthetic one with the same temperature rating. If you're backpacking, you'll want to choose the most lightweight option possible.

Price is another consideration. Down sleeping bags are usually more expensive than synthetic two separate bags.

What are the benefits of using a double sleeping bag?

A double sleeping bag can keep you warmer on colder nights because there is more of an insulation barrier between you and the hard ground or cold air.

Sleep in can also be more comfortable because it creates a fluffier surface that conforms better to your body shape. It can help reduce pressure points, which can cause discomfort and disturbed sleep.

A double sleeping bag is also more compact and lightweight than two separate sleeping bags, making it a good option for backpackers or campers who need to travel with minimal gear.

How do I care for my double sleeping bag?

A double sleeping bag is an excellent investment for campers and hikers who want to stay warm on winter trips. Before using your new sleeping bag, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Here are some general tips for taking care of your double sleeping bag:

- Machine wash your sleeping bag with cold water and a gentle detergent.

- Don't use fabric softener, as it will make your sleeping bag less effective at trapping heat.

- Air dry your sleeping bag, but avoid direct sunlight, which can fade the fabric.

- Store your sleeping bag in a cool, dry place when not in use.

How do I store my double sleeping bag?

There are a few ways to store a double sleeping bag. One option is to roll it up and put it in a stuff sack. You can also fold it half length-wise, then roll it up (similar to how you would roll up a yoga mat). Another option is to hang it on a coat hanger or suspend it from some hooks.

What are some of the best tips for using a double sleeping bag?

1. Make sure the sleeping bags are compatible. Some sleeping bags are designed to be used together as double bags, while others are not. Check the tags before you try to use them together.

2. If the best double sleeping bags are incompatible, you can still use them together by using a waterproof liner between them. It will help keep them from getting too dirty or wet if they leak.

3. Zip both bags up all the way, ensuring no gaps between them. It will help keep you warm and snug during the night.

4. If one of the mummy bags is larger than the other, put the smaller bag inside the larger one so that both of you will stay warm.

5. Consider using a sleeping pad between you and the ground to add more insulation, comfort, and cushioning. This will help keep both of you warm during cold nights.

Are rectangular sleeping bags good?

A rectangular two person sleeping bag is cheaper and easier to make than a mummy sleeping bag, so it is more common. It has a sleeping bag shape similar to a rectangle. They are not as thermally efficient as mummy sleeping bags, so they are not as suitable for cold-weather camping.

What about the down sleeping bag?

Down sleeping bags are popular for camping and backpacking because they are lightweight and provide significant warmth. However, they can also be expensive and must be adequately taken care of to maintain their insulation properties.

Should the camper bring sleeping pads or sleeping pads?

There are pros and cons to bringing a sleeping pad and not one. If you get a sleeping double bag, you'll have more comfort and insulation from the ground. However, if it's cold or wet, your sleeping pad may get damp or freeze, making it uncomfortable to sleep.

Alternatively, if you don't bring a sleeping pad, you'll be more likely to stay warm throughout the night since your body heat can radiate directly into the ground. However, you may be less comfortable and have less insulation from the cold ground.

Which is the best double sleeping bag for you?

If you’re in the market for a double sleeping bag, congratulations – you’re about to make an investment that will be paid off for years of future camping trips.

Out of all the hours we spent online reading reviews and comparing products, these five bags stood out as the clear winners. No matter which one you choose, you really can’t go wrong.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the buttons above to check the best double sleeping bags' price and prepare for your next great adventure outdoors.

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