Why Do Military Wear Watches Upside Down? Learn more in this post!

For centuries, soldiers in all military branches have been spotted wearing their watch backward — with the glass below and strap over their left or right wrist. While you may be used to seeing regular citizens sporting a standard watch on either hand, there is a specific reason why timepieces are designed this way for those serving in the armed forces.

Why Do Military Wear Watches Upside Down? It wasn't until recent years that we discovered that the idea behind why military personnel initially wear their watches upside down came from some of history’s greatest minds! So regardless if you're curious about joining one day or have served proudly and faithfully before - read on to discover exactly why troop protectors wear watches inside differently than us civilians!

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Reason Why Military Wear Watches Upside Down

Why Do Military Wear Watches Upside Down? It is easier and more natural for them to tell the time. This way, they can look down at their wrist and see the face of the watch instantly instead of having to twist their arm. The upside-down orientation also ensures they don't mistakenly glance at the wrong side of their wrist, as each reading in this position is unambiguous.

It also helps military personnel conceal their watches while still being able to tell the time if needed in a dangerous situation, providing an added layer of security in combat situations. Wearing a watch upside down also protects it from damage or dirt accumulation due to its lower profile orientation.

How Do You Wear a Watch in the Military?

Why Do Military Wear Watches Upside Down? Military personnel are expected to wear a watch when in uniform. Military people have watch worn on the left wrist, with the watch face pointing inward towards the body and the noon position facing up.

The clasp should also be secure and not easily slip off your wrist. In addition, digital watches should ideally have a backlight for nighttime visibility and an alarm feature that can help you stay on schedule during drills and other duties.

It is important to note that jewelry, including watches, cannot be visible in military photographs. If you take a photo while in uniform, take off any watches or hide the jewelry by wearing gloves before the picture is taken.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you always look professional while wearing a watch in the military. Wearing a watch correctly while in uniform shows respect for yourself and your fellow service members and will help to project an image of light discipline, order, and respect.

How Do Special Forces Wear Their Watch?

Special forces around the world are renowned for their precise and efficient operations. As such, many rely on their watches to ensure they get everything done properly and on time. How do special forces wear their watch?

Comfort is the most important factor in wearing a watch while on a mission. Special Forces operations often require soldiers to be in uncomfortable positions, so having an uncomfortable watch can worsen things. Therefore, special forces usually opt for lightweight watches with comfortable straps, so they don’t have any additional discomfort during missions.

Another key component of how special forces wear their watch is positioning. Many operators prefer to wear their watches just above the wrist bone to easily see the time and access all the watch’s features. Depending on the mission, some operators may wear their watches on their wrists to be less noticeable and won't interfere with any other gear they may be wearing.

Finally, special forces often need a reliable watch that can withstand extreme conditions without compromising functionality. Special Forces operators often operate in harsh environments where shock, dust, water, and temperature changes can damage traditional watches. Many opt for military-grade watches designed to be rugged and resistant to extreme conditions to ensure they don't miss any important information during a mission.

What is the Most Used Watch in the Military?

The Casio G-Shock is the most widely used watch in the military by watch wearers. Known for its superior durability and precision, this watch has proven to be a reliable tool for those in the armed forces. With shock-resistant construction, water resistance up to 200 meters, and digital display features such as a timekeeping mode, stopwatch, timer, world time, and alarms, this watch is an incredibly versatile instrument that can help make life easier in any situation.

The rugged design that keeps it functioning even under harsh conditions makes it even more attractive to military personnel. Only some other watches on the market can match what the Casio G-Shock offers regarding performance and reliability. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the Casio G-Shock is the most popular military watch in use today.

What Watch Do SAS Soldiers Wear?

The British Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the most elite forces in the world and is renowned for its strict selection process, rigorous training, and extreme missions. As such, they would also have high standards for their equipment.

Regarding watches, the SAS uses Rolex Explorer IIs daily as part of their uniform. The watch was first introduced in 1971 and featured a rugged stainless steel case with an extra-long 24-hour hand that you can use to differentiate between day and night – making it ideal for military operations where darkness can become confusing. Moreover, this model offers a generous 42mm dial size, allowing for easy readability even in low-light conditions.

The Rolex Explorer II is the perfect choice for SAS soldiers, offering them an accurate and reliable timepiece that will stand up to any mission they may face. As a result, these pocket watches have become synonymous with the Special Air Service and are known worldwide as a symbol of excellence and dedication.


The specific reasons military people wear watches upside down are as varied as their ranks and branches. It can do everything from improving dexterity and decreasing reflexive movements to offering mental and emotional health benefits. Whatever the purpose, both modern-day and historical soldiers have used this technique for far more than simply keeping track of time.

It has become a part of the fight – not just a fashion statement. Because of this tradition, military personnel wear a watch on the inside. It can be seen on the inside of the wrist of brave military and special forces men and women for many years to come. After all, in times of great difficulty, we often prevail with a little ingenuity.

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