Do you know how to make your Bluetooth speaker louder? You don't need to be worried regarding this query. This article is perfect for you if wanted to learn more steps for making your Bluetooth speakers sound louder.

Bluetooth speakers are a convenient and cost-effective way to listen to music or podcasts on the go, but sometimes they can be too quiet for your liking. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to make your Bluetooth speaker louder. In this article, we'll explore a range of methods that you can use to enhance the sound quality and volume of your Bluetooth speaker.

1. Check the Volume on Your Device

Before you start to troubleshoot your Bluetooth speaker, ensure that the volume on your device is turned up all the way. It's common to forget to turn the volume up, and it may be the reason why your Bluetooth speaker is not loud enough. Check the volume on your device first, and if you still need to make the speaker louder, try the following steps.

2. Move Your Speaker Closer to the Sound Source

Your Bluetooth speaker’s sound quality can be affected by various things, including its positioning. Try moving your device closer to you, or to the sound source, if possible. If your speaker is too far away from the sound source, the sound quality might be low and distorted.

3. Remove Obstructions Between the Speaker and Receiver

Obstructions in the way of the Bluetooth signal can also affect the quality of sound. Suppose you are too far away from your device, or there are obstacles like walls, tables, or other electronic devices between the speaker and your device. In that case, signal strength may deteriorate, which means that your Bluetooth speaker can’t play music as loud as it’s supposed to. Try to minimize these obstacles by moving closer or removing obstructions altogether.

4. Adjust Your Equalizer Settings

The equalizer settings on your device can also impact the sound quality and volume. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can adjust your sound settings and enhance the volume of your Bluetooth speaker.

Android Devices

On an Android device, you can access the equalizer settings through the music app. Most multimedia apps feature an equalizer setting, and by adjusting it, you can manipulate volume and sound quality. Go to the app's settings and look for the Equalizer option. Once you find it, make the necessary adjustments to boost sound.

iOS Devices

For iOS devices, you can access your equalizer settings by going to “Settings” and then choose “Music” and then “EQ,” where you can select from preset equalizer settings or create your own custom settings.

5. Invest in a Bluetooth Amplifier

A Bluetooth amplifier is an extra piece of equipment you can purchase to boost your Bluetooth speaker's volume and sound quality. It's a battery-powered amplifier that plugs into your device, increasing the volume and improving the sound quality. Amplifiers are available in various sizes, shapes, and strengths, and you can choose one that suits your needs.

6. Use a Cable Instead of Bluetooth

Using a cable connection instead of Bluetooth can improve your Bluetooth speaker's volume and sound quality. It’s unlikely that your device’s battery life will suffer significantly from playing music with a cable — but it may help your speakers to sound far louder.

7. Remove Dirt and Obstructions from the Speaker

When it comes to speakers, dirt can be the enemy. Dirt or debris can accumulate around or inside the speaker, causing muffled, muted or distorted sound. For the best sound quality and volume, you must keep your speaker clean. With dusty speakers, try brushing off the dirt and wiping the exterior with a soft cloth. If there’s dirt inside, try blowing it out with compressed air.

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How do I increase the volume on my Bluetooth speaker?

You can increase the volume on your Bluetooth speaker by adjusting the sound settings on your device. If you have a phone, tablet, or laptop that is connected to your speaker via Bluetooth, open the device’s audio settings and adjust the volume accordingly.

If you are using an external media source to connect to your speaker (such as a CD player), check for any physical buttons or dials that may control the audio output level. Finally, if you have access to your Bluetooth speakers' own settings menu, look for options such as 'Master Volume' or 'Output Level' to adjust the overall loudness of the speaker.

By making these adjustments, you should be able to achieve the desired volume from your Bluetooth speaker.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker not loud enough?

If your Bluetooth speaker is not loud enough, there are a few possible reasons why this could be happening. Firstly, check that the volume on the device you are attempting to play music from (such as a phone or tablet) is turned up to the highest level and that any equalizer settings have been adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, check if there is an issue with the connection between the Bluetooth device and your speaker - try reconnecting or using a different cable if necessary. Finally, make sure that you haven't inadvertently activated any sound-limiting features on your speaker, which can sometimes cause audio output to be reduced.

If all else fails, it might be worth checking if there's a newer version of software available for your speaker which could improve its performance.

How can I increase the speaker volume?

There are several ways to increase speaker volume. If you have a laptop, you can adjust the speaker settings in your operating system’s audio panel. If you are using external speakers, try increasing the volume from the source device (e.g. smartphone/MP3 player). Also, make sure that all sound-related cables and connectors are properly connected.

Finally, you may need to check if any software controls your computer's audio output; some programs, such as Skype or games, can control sound levels independent of Windows' main volume setting. Once your sound sources and settings are verified, you should easily adjust the speaker volume from your computer's audio panel!


In conclusion, there are several ways to make your Bluetooth speaker louder and improve its sound quality. You can start by checking the volume on your device and removing obstructions between the speaker and receiver. You can also adjust your equalizer settings, invest in a Bluetooth amplifier, or try using a cable instead of Bluetooth. Additionally, keeping the speaker debris-free, and cleaning the speaker, will improve sound quality. With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music or podcast in a whole new way!

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